Experience a Litigation Practice that Fits Your Needs.

EM Lawyers, LLC is a litigation boutique designed to give its clients an edge in every business dispute and court battle. Like most of our clients, we are entrepreneurs who saw a better way to do business.

Leaving successful “big firm” practices, Gabe and Luke McFarland formed Evans & McFarland with a singular vision—providing sophisticated litigation counsel without the pretense. From your first contact with Evans & McFarland, you’ll see the difference in our approach.

The business model of many big law firms involves the partners bringing in as much business as possible, then farming the work to inexperienced and overworked associates and paralegals. We do not operate that way. We achieve great results with small, efficient, innovative teams. We keep our caseloads manageable so that the founding partners can remain hands-on and personally invested in every case. We assign work to our top-notch paralegals, senior counsel, and associates only when it saves you money with no sacrifice in the quality of your representation. This approach enhances the value of our work (you want the attorney you hired to handle your case, not some associate fresh out of law school who you have never met), and universally results in lower bills to our clients. In a legal system where the costs of litigation are almost always a major factor, our efficiency gives our clients a very real tactical advantage.

We strive to be an integral part of your team, and to contribute to the success and growth of your business. When you become our client, we are not merely outside advisors providing sterile legal counsel. We work tirelessly to understand your business. We listen to your goals and objectives. Your issues and resolving those issues becomes our top priority. Your success is our success.

We approach every task strategically – steps that many lawyers see as rote or menial can present opportunities to advance your interests.

We stress communication, so that you maintain control over the scope and costs of your legal work. Customers of other law firms often pay for prime office space and lavish furnishings— things designed for the lawyers’ benefit. In contrast, our operations are designed to increase efficiency and reduce overhead – just like the operations of most of our clients.

Our ultimate goal is to create a legal practice that serves your needs, not ours. The difference in our approach to litigation ensures that you will receive the highest quality litigation counsel, tailored to your specific needs, and delivered in a responsive and accountable fashion.

Welcome to Evans & McFarland!

Our Practice Areas


We provide sophisticated litigation counseling to plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of cases involving significant exposure, including:

  • Contract

  • General Employment

  • Non-compete/Non-solicit

  • Trade Secrets

  • Trademark/Copyright 

  • Securities

  • Partner Disputes/ "Business Divorce"

  • Corporate Real Estate

  • Corporate Governance/ Fiduciary Duty

  • Class Action

  • Insurance

  • Personal Injury/ Insurance Bad Faith

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